Rational Confidence Letter No. 12: Why one-off self-care practices don't work.

I wrote a piece for Fast Company that was published Friday, and I’d love for you to read it:

Typical self-care practices don’t work for startup founders. Here’s one thing that does.

The upshot:

How can entrepreneurs feel good while building their startups? Self-care recommendations have proliferated across both traditional and social media over the past few months, with bread-baking and bath-taking all over our Instagram feeds. But I’ve found, both personally and in my work with entrepreneurs, that on their own, traditional self-care activities don’t move the needle.

Taking a bath doesn’t mean you stop beating yourself up for your startup’s stalled growth. One-off self-care practices can help reduce stress in the moment, but to maintain an even keel over the long haul, entrepreneurs need to put themselves first in a regular way, day after day. What helped me gain back my health and what I now help entrepreneurs learn is self-awareness: a daily understanding of what’s going on in their bodies and minds.

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Happy wild and fascinating Monday, all!

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